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Milligan House Child Care Centre
Milligan House Child Care Centre
Milligan House Child Care Centre


We have included our Parent Handbook for your easy access. ​You will find information relating to Milligan House Child Care Centre's general operations. Download the latest version that contains helpful information for parents about the Centre. 

  • Orientation strategies

  • Signing your child in and out

  • Payment of fees and bookings

  • Staff and staff programming

  • Nutrition and dietry needs

  • Health issues

  • Behaviour management

  • Communication with parents

  • Common childhood infections

Download your parent handbook here. 

We have also included helpful links that may be relevant to parents who currently have children at Milligan House Child Care Centre, or are considering it. 

The Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority. 

A source of scientific information on key nutrition issues.

Australian Government publication on preventing infectious diseases in early childhood education and care services.

Update your details with government departments

Helpful Links
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